The Motorsport lifestyle community

The passion for design, for technique and speed. Undoubtedly, but above all, the responsibility to project solutions that deserve the confidence of motorcyclists. The special perception of confidence towards an outfit is a mixture of protection, comfort, style and functionality.

Tradition. In a word, SPIDI emotion. 

Our history and emotion, unite great concepts that describe exchanges of knowledge between groups of people working in a community inspired by the search and development of new products, so that the driving of a motorcycle is increasingly safe and more comfortable when you travel your city or when you venture to new experiences. 

Our project

We develop projects with great responsibility since 1977.

We always give the maximum, we do not only worry about the market or aesthetics. The commitment between motorcyclists, the shared responsibility of raising the product, the complicity in looking and increasing safety will make that difference be perceived by those who, like us, share a special dimension, we are the MOTORSPORT LIFESTYLE COMMUNITY.

Unrrival is the exclusive distributor of SPIDI Sport for Spain and Andorra


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